The domain is the official name that our webpage will have.
In Global PCNet we offer the activation and administration service for domains (.com, .net,, .mx, etc…) as well as their maintenance.

    Also, with your domain you will be able to obtain the name of your company in your e-mail address.
This will reinforce the image of your enterprise and create effective publicity of your webpage at the same time.

In Global PCNet, we advise which domain name you should register, test its availability, and provide the most successful solutions.



Registration and/or Renovation of Domain 1 year  2 years 3 years 5 yearss
Annual Cost ( in pesos ) $ 700 $ 1,320 $ 1,650 $ 2,000

*You will receive a discount in the cost of registration by signing up more than 2 services with Global PCNet.

Already have a domain and want the administration and services that Global PCNet offers?
   We offer a free transfer process for your domain..
View costs of Mail Hosting and Web Site.

Already have a domain and need DNS hosting ?

   You only need to provide us with the data of your configuration servers.
Configuration and Hosting 1 year
Anual Cost ( in pesos ) $ 450

Prices are expressed in national currency and include IVA.
Approximate delivery time is 1 to 2 business days.
Payment required in advance.

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